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Client Testimonials

"Our company was ready to go to market in every way but how we looked to the outside world. B‑Side fixed that for us. Brock and the B‑Side team created a great NextFolio visual identity, sales deck, and website, and they did it on the timeframe we needed it. There were no hassles and no unnecessary activity. B‑Side just got the job done, and now we look great!

With B‑Side, NextFolio looks like the company we intend it to be."

Jeff Seiple

CEO, NextFolio

"For our new fintech venture, B-Side has been a critical distribution catalyst. They've provided expert strategic counsel, devised and implemented our digital and social media presence, and provided strong leadership for our internal team.

With B-Side, we've gotten the first-rate marketing we've always believed was out of our reach."

Rob Nestor

President, Turing Technology